AdvStringGrid filter problem

Good morning to all,

   i have a problem in advstringgrid filtering.

One column store a name group (this is not a grid group) and, very often, this name can be as

A     - First Group

where between A and - there are 5 spaces (#32)

when i apply the filter, for some reason, the grid convert the search value (as above) into

A-First Group

In this way i'm not able to filter the grid because

A     - First Group <> A-First Group

this append in AdvUtil.Pas, line 1471

(function MatchStrEx line

// remove spaces between multiple filter conditions

s1 := StripLogicSpaces(s1); <--- Here strip all spaces


I can't change the original group name !!

How can solve this ??

Thank's in advance


Did you try to use double quotes around the filter condition having spaces?

Hi Bruno,

with double quote it's works.

Double quote works only if in the filter string there are more then one space, in there's only one the double quote does not work.

In order to work well i check the double spaces into the string and use, or not, double quote.

Can you insert this check in the search engine ?

Thank's for all


I cannot see a problem with conditions that have a single space.

How exactly can a problem be reproduced?