Data does not line up with dates

My Chart has 2 series.

Serie[0] is a chandlestick. Serie[0] starts on 3/17/1980 and ends in 2017
serie0 sample data from stringlist looks like this. Date is MM/DD/YYYY
3/17/1980 6.43 6.65 6.43 6.43
3/18/1980 6.43 6.92 6.43 6.92
3/19/1980 6.92 6.97 6.70 6.70
3/20/1980 6.70 6.76 6.65 6.76
3/21/1980 6.76 6.76 6.65 6.70
3/24/1980 6.65 6.65 6.48 6.54
3/25/1980 6.54 6.65 6.43 6.59

Serie[1] is a line. Serie[1] data starts on 1/1/2014 and ends in 2017
serie1 sample data from memo looks like this. Date is MM/DD/YYYY
1/1/2014, 9.54
1/2/2014, 9.82
1/3/2014, 10.12
1/4/2014, 10.44
1/5/2014, 10.78
1/6/2014, 11.14
1/7/2014, 11.52
1/8/2014, 11.91
1/9/2014, 12.32
1/10/2014, 12.75


When I display both series on the Pane[0]
serie[1] data starts on 3/17/1980 instead of 1/1/2014.
How do I fix this issue? The data in serie[1] should display on the correct dates from serie[1] data.

What setting is AdvChartView.Panes[0].XAxis.UnitType ?

Also, if there is no data between 1980 & 2014 , you might have to add points from 1980 to 2014 with Defined = false for these points and then add the values for dates from 2014 to 2017.

The unit type is set to Day in the IDE. I get undeclared identifier when i code utDay.

Why do I need to add points between 1980 and 2014? Also some of my data points will be blank between 2014 and 2017 due to weekends and holidays. Are you saying I will need to fill in these dates also?  Shouldn't ChartView be intelligent enough to understand how to match a point to a date?  Are you saying that Chartview only charts consecutive points all starting at the same point?

As explained in the other thread, add the AdvChart unit to the uses list.

It is not clear what your expectation is. 
Can we please stick to handling this issue in one thread and that sufficient information is provided on your exact expectations of the behavior?

These are 2 separate issues. The previous thread issue is the 12/30/1899 date issue on the x-axis.

The issue in this thread is the misalignment of data with x-axis dates. Each data point has its own date. I need the chart to place the data point on that specific date The chart is displaying dates in sequential order irregardless of the date. Weekends and holidays have no data but the chart places data points on those dates.

How do I solve this issue? I hope I explained this to your understanding.

But do you set the time axis type correct? Default it is sequential. You need to set it to a time mode if you want it to operate as time axis.

I don't see a time mode option in the panes editor.Where is it?

I have emailed a sample project to illustrate the issues.