Custom table component with fixed header

Hi there,

We have created a component which represents a table in TMSWebCore and to do that we dinamically create a TWebPanel with two TWebPaintBox inside of it: the first-one (Align property alTop) represents the table header and the another one represents the data (Align property alClient). Custom drawing is applied over TWebPaintBox components to simulate a table. Everything works fine, but when user scrolls down over the page the first TWebPaintBox dissapears (as expected). How to make in TMS Web Core to keep this component always visible while user scrolls down over the large TWebPanel?

This is the fixed table header behavior we would like to replicate in our TMS Web Core application taken from:

Thanks in advance

I think you will need to keep the top paintbox absolute positioned in the visible top of the window, i.e. control its top position from the form's OnScroll event.

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your support. It worked.

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