custom created model should be freed

Using the following way of how to add swagger-ui support when different than default model is used I noticed that strange errors were reported by Fastmm and a lot of leaked memory objects were left on termination.
So, ....
If you are using http.sys server, when stopping it, you should wait to finish the stopping process:

while HttpSysSrv.IsRunning do 

The model that was created as described in the above link, then should be freed;
Fastmm will be happy then, and no leaks will exist

We are not aware of any issues like that. Can you please provide a sample project reproducing the issue?

I noticed that when freeing the custom created model after calling HttpSysSrv.stop I got these errors.
without enabling leaking reporting from fastmm I got nothing
Giving a delay to be sure the httpsys stopped everything is OK
I used the created the VCL httpsys server from the wizard

Do you have a sample project reproducing the issue?

I just checked and I am unable to reproduced it now. The only change, is that I rebooted the computer running the service

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