Create event for filling ListEditor

We're having Databases with more than 10000 contacts.

Filling the ListEditor in onCreate needs too long / too much time. The best would be one option and one event:

CharLengthforLookup(integer): i.e. 2
OnNeedData event

i.E. the user enters "mi" into the listeditor, The component has no entries and calls the onNeedData event. Now we can select all mails from our database beginning with "mi" and return i.e. only 40 or 400 rows into the components-list.

Now the user enters "mic" if the component has a resultset = 0 or less than 10 it would call the onNeedData again. this time our select from database returns all mail beginning with "mic".

This would be the best solution and would speed up things a lot. Currently we're not able to use the ListEditor on big Databases; we've tried but a lot of customers called us that there waiting to much till the form opens ...

This feature was implemented.