TTMSFMXEdit LookupList Empty

I have a TTMSFMXEdit with Lookup.Enabled set to True.

I've added a dropdown button so the enduser can also show the lookuplist by clicking on the button.
(TTMSFMXEdit1.LookupList.IsOpen := True)

However the Lookuplist isn't available immediately.
The user has type in <Lookup.NumChars> characters before the list is actually filled.

If the user types in the characters I get an TTMSFMXEdit1LookupNeedData event.
After this the list is available.

I managed to workaround this for now, setting NumChars to 1 and generating a (dummy) keydown.
But it would be nice if the Lookuplist was available, even if the edit was (still) empty.



Unfortunately the list is not designed to handle such behavior. We'll investigate what is possible.

Hi Pieter,

Any news on this yet ?
Would it be possible to just make a new public method which fills the lookup from the DisplayList ?



We have now added a DisplayLookup function that fills the lookup list from the display list and displays it. The next version will have this included.

Great news Pieter.

Thanks again for the (lightning-fast) support.