Create 2+ instances Edge by code

I create Edge instances on pagecontrol like that:

procedure TForm3.btn1Click(Sender: TObject);
var TempSheet : TTabSheet;
    TempChromium : TTMSFNCWebBrowser;
  TempSheet := TTabSheet.Create(Pg1);
  TempSheet.PageControl := pg1;
  pg1.ActivePage := TempSheet;
  TempChromium := TTMSFNCWebBrowser.Create(TempSheet);
  TempChromium.Parent := TempSheet;
  TempChromium.Align := alClient;
  TempChromium.url := '';

If the url is same on each tabsheet, then first webpage load/render correctly, second no (loading partially without images or styles). Third sometimes correctly, next no. Something is missing in my code?


We can't see an issue here, can you provide a sample to reproduce this issue?

Here is project: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

And video showing my problem:
(video in zip file: Dropbox - - Simplify your life)

Within the sample application, multiple instances of the same browser will use the same cache. Please make sure to add a cache folder with a unique name for each instance.

TempChromium.CacheFolderName := TGUID.NewGuid.ToString;

I tried set unique cache folder name earlier, and now i test it again and i don't see any change.
My demo project with cachefoldername works on your computer correctly?

It does, I have altered the demo code with that one line added.

I convert your project to Lazarus and it works fine.
source: - Google Drive
app: fnccore-web-demo.exe - Google Drive
video: fnccore-web-Demo.mp4 - Google Drive

So, looks like a problem with setting cache folder on my side. If i set cachefolder then nothing changes - "e:\temp\cache" remains empty

  TempChromium.CacheFolder := 'e:\temp\cache';
  TempChromium.CacheFolderName := TGUID.NewGuid.ToString;

I also tried this suggestion (found on this forum)


Any idea what else can i try?

I convert your project to Lazarus and it works fine....

Thank you. Looks like a problem specific to my windows. I will test on other computers

i found solution: cachefoldername must be set before parent (TempChromium.Parent := TempSheet;) - otherwise not work