Closing TWebform with it's parent set leads to application crash


It's my first TMS Web application, so please bear with me.

I'm testing to display another page after a user login. Here is my code:

procedure TForm1.WebLoginPanel1Login(Sender: TObject);
  newform: TForm2;
  newform := TForm2.Create(Self);
  newform.Parent := Form1;
  // load file HTML template + controls
  await(TForm2, newform.Load());
  // init control after loading
  newform.WebEdit1.Text := 'hello';
    // excute form and wait for close
    await(TModalResult, newform.Execute);
    ShowMessage('Form 2 closed with new value:"' + newform.WebEdit1.Text + '"');

Form2 has it's align property set to allclient.
Close button code is basic;

procedure TForm2.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);

Form1 is displaying after closing the dialogbox.

As soon as I click on the Form1, I'm getting an error:

Any idea on how to fix this (only workaround I found was to remove newform.Parent := Form1; but then form2 isn't full screen anymore)


It is not clear what is causing this.
Is this with the latest version v2.0.2.2?
Did you test & compare with the demo under Demo\Basic\MultiForm? (10.2 KB)

All TMS Libraries are up to date (Web Core v2.0.2.2).
Only difference I see is setting newform.Parent := Form1;

I have uploaded my project.
Ps: is there any raison why project isn't always displayed on Google Chrome? I have sometime to run project 10x time to get it display

You should not set the parent before the form is loaded. It would already internally create a form instance while in the next step you do form.load() that also creates a form instance.

We are not aware of an issue that it is not displaying in Chrome. Always check your browser console for possible errors and/or ensure your browser cache is cleared (via Empty cache & hard reload option).

Hello Bruno,

I wan't aware that setting parent before loading the form could crash everything (and I couldn't find warning regarding this in the help documentation). Can this not be handled by the framework differently? (it's odd that setting a parent property leads to application crash), anyway I know now why it happened).

Regarding Chrome issue: I tried to clear cache but problem persisted. Everything went fine after Web core installation and VM restart.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

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