Could not create hard link - request is not supported

nice installer, but looks like a bug with linking files after build,
win2016 server, Error building project "TMS VCL UI Pack" in IDE delphi11 in Platform win32intel: Could not create hard link "..\tmssmartsetup.tmssetup\build\bpl\Win32\TMSVCLUIPackPkg280.bpl" to "..\tmssmartsetup\Products\tms.vcl.uipack\packages\d11\Win32\Release\TMSVCLUIPackPkg280.bpl": (50) The request is not supported

Are you installing in a normal local drive? From what I can see, this error might happen if you are trying to install into a network drive or a drive not formatted as NTFS.

Indeed, from what I can see, some versions of ReFS don't support Hard Links. See Resilient File System (ReFS) overview | Microsoft Learn

  1. Version ReFS 3.5 formatted by Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview build 19536 and later. Hard links support is added for newly formatted volumes only. Hard links can't be used on volumes that have been upgraded from previous versions

Do you know if your ReFS version is less than 3.5?

Thank you for refs hint, as that''s the problem, it's an upgraded version so it does not support hard links. Moved TMS files to another nfts drive and now it works!

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