Link error in BCB7

I installed TMS VCL UI Pack v. into BCB XE7. Created a new project. Added TAdvStringGrid to the Form1. Then set Link With Runtime Packages to false.
The project would not link.
[ilink32 Error] Fatal: Illegal EXTDEF fixup index in module 'AdvPersistence.pas'

Does anybody know how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance

Are you sure there are no more old/other version TMS VCL UI Pack .LIB files in your library / system path?

I only had TMS Component Pack before. I uninstalled it before installing the new VCL UI Pack.

Did you search your full hard disk for old TMS Component Pack .lib files and make sure these are removed?

I did. Searched everywhere for tms*.*
Only found files in the new installation.

I updated BCB from XE7 to 12. Now everything compiles fine.

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