I have a bit of a wierd issue with the MegaMenu.

To replicate:

1. Create a new application (I use C++ Builder)

2. Add a panel (Panel1) to the form. I change color to Purple to make it very obvious but not necessary.

3. Add a TAdvSmoothMegaMenu to the form. I align it to the top but not necessary.

4. In the form constructor I add the panel to the MegaMenu using the lines
    AdvSmoothMegaMenu1->MenuItems->Items[0]->Menu->Sections->Items[0]->Items->Items[0]->ControlType = ctControl;
    AdvSmoothMegaMenu1->MenuItems->Items[0]->Menu->Sections->Items[0]->Items->Items[0]->Control = Panel1;

5. Compile and run
6. When I move the cursor over the first menu item, MenuItem0, it opens and displays correctly. The panel is clearly visible.
7. Don't move cursor, just click on MenuItem0. The menu is still open but the panel now disppears!

How can I make it not disappear? I do need the panel there (in my actual application for user options). I tried playing around with properties (I can live with the menu closing up if it is open and the user clicks it) but cannot find something that will work


We investigated this here and applied a fix, the next version will address this.