Component direct renaming not possible when nested

Renaming components directly from the structure panel is possible only at first level, it's not possible if the component is at a deeper level. See picture...

Visual Studio Code 1.64.2 - macOS Catalina 10.15.7 - TMS WEB Core v1.9.5379

I retested this here but could not reproduce this.
Is this happening all the time, i.e. also from a new project?

Yes, it's happening all the time, also with new projects.
So far I have experienced this on macOS - not tried yet to use VSC in windows VM.

I have been trying to reproduce it, but I couldn't, so I should be doing things in a different way, please, would be possible for you to record some kind of video with a simple set of steps to reproduce the issue? That way I'm sure I will be able to reproduce it and fix it, thanks!!

Hello Jose, have you received my email with details?

Hello Jose, I guess the email I sent on 23/FEB while traveling on a train got lost (there was a link to a video showing the issue).
I have good news today: yesterday after having upgraded all the modules in visual studio code under macOS Catalina the "renaming issue" is not present anymore :slight_smile:
At present I'm having TMS WEB Core 1.9.75493 (auto updated by VSC) and I see that versions 1.9.75486 and 1.9.75482 were distributed about one week ago... I guess you made some fixes!