Renaming form file under VSC Explorer sometimes cannot remove the old dfm file

When I rename form files the .pas, .html and .dfm are renamed correctly but the old .dfm file is left. Not a big deal but just wanted to notify the developer.

Please, check this video, maybe you need to hit the refresh button. If not, please, let me know the steps on how to reproduce the issue. Thanks!


Hi Jose,

The case that causes this behavior is that if you rename the form component name (I mean the class name of the form) and save it first.

Lets say I create a TMS default web form named Form1 and unit Unit1.
I renamed Form1 to FormTest and save.
Close Unit1.
Now rename Unit1 to something else.
Although pas dfm and html is renamed the Unit1.dfm is still left in files.

Thanks a lot for the steps, effectively, the previous renaming of the form was the cause for that behavior. We have fixed it, will be available on the next update.

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