Compiling Aurelius with Xe5 on Android

[DCC Fatal Error] Aurelius.Commands.Selecter.pas(983): F2084 Internal Error: GPFE06D7363-759B1D4D-0

I'm trying to build an Android App that connects to a Datasnap REST server providing based on the Bug Tracker demo you did.  It works fine when I build my client for windows but compiling it for Android gives the error above.  I presume Aurelius will work with Android or should I be using XE5's REST client instead? 

Aurelius does support Android devices. However, an internal error might indicate a bug in the Delphi Android compiler. Unfortunately, this is very hard to track. We ran into similar issues while developing, and the only way we found to workaround was to rollback the source code to a point where the error didn't happen, until we find the exact part of source code that causes the problem. Then we needed to tweak the source to get rid of the problem. Aurelius package compiles fine (you can test it there), so all Aurelius source code compiles fine for all platforms. My guess is that there is something specific in your code that uses Aurelius in a way that causes this internal error.

Just add my experience...

I am usin XE5 Update 2 and I could compile just fine with Aurelius.

But I have similar problems with compiling. Sometimes I hade to exit from the IDE and load it again and then it compiled.

Other moments I had to restart windows... then compiled

But the weirdest was the first one, I was running in a VM (windows 8 VirtualBox) and I had to add more memory to my notebook and increase a lot the memory of the VM in order to XE5 compile my application (that is big).

In fact, expect many problems....