Android and internal SQLite

Hi there,

I am about to move to another area of my software where I need to use the local SQLite from android (and later IOs)

I only find in the documentation that android is compatible with the platform, but I could not find anything about the internal use of SQLite.

Is it just use the  Aurelius.Drivers.SQLite ? 

otherwise what are the steps? 

Yes, native Aurelius SQLite support will work for both Android and iOS.


Fantastic! SQLite is working in android with my software the same way that the desktop. What flexibility !!!

There is a minor occurrence that I dont know how deal with that. Not always, but in half of the cases I get an av in different places in Aurelius when running the UpdateDatabase with a new sqlite on android. It never happens in windows. Right now I cannot confirm that is a bug, since there are many instabilities of the compiler. And a small test project does not reproduce that. Last time I got this on TDatabaseManager.ErrorCount (an access violation). So I will test more and see what can be.

But for now just to report how good is using Aurelius, keep the good work !

Thanks! Enjoy the framework and spread the word about it!