Compatability with LockBox


We have used Lockbox for AES encrypting data and want to replace it with your TMS Cryptography pack but it seems the 2 aren't compatible with each other, i.e. TMS gives an error when trying to decrypt data encrypted with Lockbox, which surprised me because I thought AES was supposed to be a defined standard. Would you expect TMS to be able to decrypt data encrypted with Lockbox?

The error was 'in AES, the cipher text must have a length multiple of 128 bits!'

Does this imply that Lockbox isn't encrypting it correctly? As an example, I encrypted the text 'Hello' and Lockbox resulted in an encryption string of 20 characters but encrypting 'Hello' using TMS results in a string of 44 characters



Hi Stephen,
There should be no difference unless either the mode, padding or the key are different. if you want to send a code snippet.