Different encryption in version 3.1

Today I installed version 3.1 of Cryptography Pack. This version returns value of decryption, which differs from previous version. I used older version to encrypt data and store them into database. Older version returned for example 'MY PASS' but the newer one returns for example 'MY PASS'#0. I do not know what other values can be returned and which algorithm is valid: the older one or the new one. Am I doing something wrong? If newer algorithm is valid, how can I re-crypt data in the database into new form?

I use the following function:

function DecodeAES2String (const EncryptedText, Key : string) : string;
  aes    : TAESEncryption;
  cipher : string;
  i      : Integer;
  iv     : string;
  Result := '';
  aes := TAESEncryption.Create;
    aes.AType        := atCBC;
    aes.KeyLength    := kl256;
    aes.Unicode      := yesUni;
    aes.Key          := Key;
    aes.OutputFormat := base64;
    aes.PaddingMode  := TpaddingMode.PKCS7;
    iv := '';
    for i := 1 to 16 do
      iv := iv + Chr(0);
    aes.IV  := iv;
    aes.IVMode       := TIVMode.userdefined;
    Result           := aes.Decrypt (EncryptedText);

The only changes are in the Unicode encoding of characters. We noticed in previous version that there was a bug with Chinese characters, because of different Unicode mapping.
Do you have an example of EncryptedText and Key to share with us to test this function?
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Please try for example: 
  Key := '123456UXFTzqkeVAeyRT0tRh9x317gk3';
  TextToEncrypt:= 'MYPASS';

After encryption we have encrypted string: 'TrluYoOMdOQ+/o4sHqiMAg=='
But when we decrypt it, we receive 'MYPASS'#0

Thank you for your example, I have just found how to fix the bug. In
TConvert.StringToByteArray in MiscObj.pas you have to replace
"SetLength(Result, Length(s) + 1);" by "SetLength(Result, Length(s));"
and the final zero will disappear.

We will release a version to fix this bug.
Sorry for the inconvenience,

No problem, thank you for the quick response.