Command line compiler does not work as expected

Delphi 10.4.2, Web Core 1.7 beta

I have to compile dozens of single web core projects via batch files, so it's essential for me to have a working command line compiler.

Until now, I only compiled in debug mode, that was fine. But when I use the following command line (according to page 63 of the current TMSWEBCoreDevGuide.pdf)

tmswebcompiler.exe /ParseDprojFile /ProjectFile:myproject.dproj /Config=Release

the compiler still compiles the debug version. Am I doing something wrong here?

You have to add the Config switch with a ":" in this way:

tmswebcompiler.exe /ParseDprojFile /ProjectFile:myproject.dproj /Config:Release

You can also add the platform if you have defined something special for it:

tmswebcompiler.exe /ParseDprojFile /ProjectFile:myproject.dproj /Config:Release /Platform:Win32

Ah ok, now it worked. Thank you!