TMS WEB Core Compiling Issue for Visual Studio

When trying to compile a brand new TMS Web or PWA application via Visual Studio, I get the following error:

"c:\Users\chris.vscode\extensions\tmssoftware.tmswebcore-1.2.4095\resources\compilers\tms\Win64\TMSWebCompiler.exe" -ParseDprojFile -NoCodeModification -CompilerBin "c:\Users\chris.vscode\extensions\tmssoftware.tmswebcore-1.2.4095\resources\compilers\tms\Win64\libpas2js.dll" -ProjectFile "c:\Development\PWA\Project1.dpr" -vsctoolsoptionsjson "c:\Development\PWA.vscode\tempsettings.json"
The system cannot locate the object specified.
Line: 0
Runtime error 216 at 0000000000411489

Build complete.

The terminal process failed to launch (exit code: 1).

Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

This happens randomly. When you create everything from scratch, it works...for a while...but then out of nowhere, usually after adding more units, you get this error when compiling or executing?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Is there a .DPROJ file in your project folder?

Please, could you paste an screenshot of what you get at the terminal? I see there are a couple of missing \ and I would like to verify that.
I have tried with the same paths you are using and double checked the source code and those paths are properly built, so looking for trying to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

Could you get in touch via direct email as we can provide an update of the compiler to see if that helps for you.

Apologies for the late reply. I re-installed VS as well as the TMS extension, and it is not doing it anymore. So whatever it seemed to be, is sorted now. I will be sure to respond to this thread if this issue pops up again.

What update to the compiler are you referring to Bruno?


We did an update already with our latest internal compiler update, so if you are on the latest Visual Studio Code version, you should have this latest compiler improvement.