Class TAdvOfficePage not found

Installed the new version of TMS componentpack V7.6.3

After I installed the TAdvOfficePager does not work on my Delphi Xe5. 

Select a TAdvOfficePager and drop on a form  works (with  3 TAdvOfficePage as default)
Compine works
Run the form application with only a TAdvOfficePager with TAdvOfficePage on works.
Save form.

 Does not work:
Open a Form with a TAdvOfficePager on. 
Error messsage: Error reading form:  Class TAdvOfficePage not found

Selct a TAdvOfficePager and drop on a form  and right click: Does not have show option for New page /delete page ++

It works on my colleague  Delphi Xe5 machine
Any suggestions? Yes have installed/uninstalled component back and also tied doing it manually. 

Regards Joachim

This means you have not installed the design
time package. Please make sure all packages are installed & active, in
particular TMSDEDXE5.BPL

Fantastic it works now. Thank you.