Checkbox problem


I have multiple tDbAdvGrids with checkboxes with the following settings:

grid.columns[x].CheckboxField := true;
grid.columns[x].CheckFalse := 'falsch';
grid.columns[x].CheckTrue := 'wahr';
grid.columns[x].Editor := edCheckbox;

On my computer it works with no problems. On a customers computer in one grid Î get an error that the value "falsch" (or "wahr") is false. Only one grid and not on my computer. Hope you can help me! Thanks, Peter

Can there be a different value that a DB boolean field returns when run on a different machine (with different language?)

You are right it was a mistake of me: ine one system the fields where boolean - on the other integer (I forgot do reorganize them). Thanks for your help!

One other thing concerning the forum: I checked "EMail Notifiy me of Replies" but never got a message that you answerd me ...

Spam/junk mail filter? Email address setup correct?

I don't have any spam-filter active. But from your last reply I got the mail.