checkbox on AdvMessageDlg

If you put an IWCheckbox on an AdvMessageDlg ContenRegion and then using Dlg.ShowAsync, it appears that checking or unchecking the checkbox box either through code or by UI causing JS errors.

On another note, I've also reported a problem previously with the IWAJAX.JS at line 786 regarding the EVAL statement and being NULL at times when doing ASYNC events with the AdvMessageDlg.  I realize this is not TMS code BUT it seems to only be exposed by the TMS code so figuring out why it's a problem would be nice.  I have to patch the IW JS code on each update to check for != null before the eval although I'm sure the real problem is not in this JS code.

The issue with the IWCheckBox is related to the IWAJAX.JS issue with xObject being null.

This seems to be caused by IE incorrectly handling the changes in the DOM that are done to position the ContenRegion inside the AdvMessageDialog. (This is working as expected in other browsers)

Unfortunately we currently have no workaround for this issue.
As soon as we have found a solution it will be released in an update of the TMS IW Component Pack.

Before I spend more time on this, can you tell me how pervasive this is or if there are any other known issues or limitations?  I want to use Adv Dlg more but I need to know the current limitations.

Only known issue with IE is with async updating of the message dlg text.