Delaying Initialization of TMSFNCGoogleMap

I am converting an application from WebGMaps to FNCMaps. I have a complex form that contains 4 maps. I do not launch (individually) the WebGMaps unless required by the user as this minimises any time spent in unnecessarily initializing maps that are not required. Is this possible with FNCMaps as there is a significant delay whilst the maps are initialising. I have tried withholding the APIKey until i require the map but this still seems to cause a delay.




The browser tries initialization at designtime as well. When there is no API key, it initializes default HTML. Did you install the latest version as well as the runtime? (WebView2 - Microsoft Edge Developer) If you don't want this to happen, you will need to create the map programmatically.

Thanks for letting me know. I do have the latest version and the runtime all installed. I will as suggested look to create the maps programmatically as required. The ability to only launch when you want would however be a useful feature and hopefully could be considered in a future update.