Map Marker not Showing Popup


Delphi Version 10.4.2
OS: Windows 10
Maps: Google Map
Event: MapMarkerOnClick

I used the Marker.Title property to insert the string reference. And it can be also retrieved by AEventData.Marker.Title Property while on the OnClick Event. The Coordinates can be retrieved also by AEventData.Marker.Latitude/Longitude.

However, it does not show Popup, TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.ShowPopup(Lat,Long, 'Hello') when the marker is clicked.

Please help.

The code is working as expected.


procedure TForm14.DoMarkerClick(Sender: TObject;
AEventData: TTMSFNCMapsEventData);
(Sender as TTMSFNCGoogleMaps).ShowPopup(AEventData.Coordinate.ToRec, 'Hello World');

Please provide a sample demonstrating this issue please.