Change MoveCursor


is there a way to change the cursor when moving an Item? I would like to change the cursor depending on different things. For example if Ctrl key or Shift key is pressed.
Alternatively I will have to disable moving and use drag, but then I only see the drag curser moving around and not the Item as it is when moving instead of dragging.

Another little problem is, that when moving an Item and setting ACanMove in the BeforMoveItem event to false, depending on the position it is moved to, the Item is not moved, but only the cursor.

When I have for example 5 positions and want to move an Item from Position 1 to Position 5 and it is only allowed to be moved to position 3 and 5, it first stays on position 1 then jumps to 3 when the mousecursor is over position 3 and then stays there while moving over position 4 until the cursor reaches position 5. It would be nicer to have the Item following the cursor also over position it is not allowed to go, but for example the cursor could be changed like a drag cursor when accepted is set to false and if it is dropped over a wrong position it just moves back to where it was before. The would give a smoother moving experience,

Can you please add in which component you are working? I assume this is the planner?

Oh sorry. Yes it is the Planner.

Unfortunately this is currently not possible. We'll investigate if we can add a property to control the cursor for an item during dragging.

ok, thanks. I will try a workaround.

Regarding moving an Item I had another problem today.
Here is an example:
There is a planner with a timeline from 20.11.2018 00:00 to 23:11.2018 00:00.
The time from 21:11.2018 00:00 to 22,10.2018 00:00 is inactive. A task that starts at 20.11.2018 20:00 and needs 10 hours of time, is displayed from 20.11.2018 20:00 to 22.11.2018 06:00, because the 21.11. is not active, so it has to stretch over this day, up to the next active day.
So far so good. Now when I want to move the Item to start at 22.10.2018 12:00, I cannot do it, because the Item is too long. So I decided to use the OnBeforeItemMove event, to adjust the Item to 10 hours. That works fine and the item is displayed in a proper length. The only problem is, that the moving cursor is there where I grabbed the Item to move it and if I grab the Item on the far right side, the Item itself, as it gets shorter, is displayed way left of the cursor. So I need a way to not only adjust the length, while moving, but also to adjust the starttime of the Item to where the movingcursor is.
I hope my explaination makes sense. So do you have a good idea, to set the start of the Item when starting to move to the position where the mouse cursor is?

I just found a good way how to do it. Works great.