Controlled Moves of PlannerItems

Example: Single day view with multiple resources, each column is a resource.

At runtime, user can drag an item from one resource to another.

I need the user to be able to move (drop) the item on some resources, but not others, and the decision is made at runtime.

I see events ItemMoving and ItemMove. However I can't get these to work in the situation above.

Problem 1: If the move is rejected in ItemMoving then the planner cancels the move altogether, instead of simply not allowing the item to be dropped in that column.

Problem 2: Even before the item is dropped, if the move was not rejected in ItemMoving the item has already been moved by the planner's code.

Need 1:  If ItemMoving is not accepted, don't allow the drop, but don't cancel the move altogether. This way the item can be moved to columns (resources) beyond this disallowed column.

Need 2: The item should not actually be moved until it is dropped in the new column by the user releasing the mouse button.

Am I missing some configuration properties? Or does this require a code rewrite in the planner?

Thank you.

Is there any chance of a reply on this subject?


From your description, it would appear that regular item moving is not what you are after. I'd recommend to look at using drag & drop (sample app 11 is an intro to drag & drop)  With drag & drop, you can then control via the standard OnDragOver, OnDragDrop the entire process.