Cell Formats with Master-Detail Relationship


I have a problem with cell formats in a report that uses  Master-Detail relationships. I configured the cells that contains the placeholders to have a border. I also configured some custom formats on the config sheet to apply conditional formatting. Everything works well if the placeholder has some data for the specific cell. But if there is no data for this placeholder (for example there was a NULL value in the database), the cell in the report is empty (which is the proper and expected behaviour), but no cell format has been applied. I am using a table based layout, so for example the borders for specific cells are not applied and the report looks ugly. Is there any possibility to apply or keep the cell format if the detail query has no value for a specific cell?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the delay in answering, it has been a week too busy and I hadn't time to look at this yet. I will be looking at this in the weekend, but do you think you can email me a simple demo that shows the problem? ( mail to  adrian@tmssoftware.com ) I normally try to reproduce the problem here, but if you can send me some simple example showing the problem it might speed up things.

I have sent you an E-Mail with an attached image that illustrates the problem.

Do you already have further information? This issue becomes urgent because we need to find a solution for our customer.


I'v been trying to reproduce this but without success so far. Are you doing something special on those cells?

I've uploaded a simple demo to http://www.tmssoftware.biz/download/flexcel/samples/reportborder.zip

If you run it, you'll see that it is a master detail report which has null in the details, but all the cells have borders. I've also tried setting the borders manually or with <#format cell>, both methods worked. Do you think you can modify this example so it shows the problem and then send it to me?


after some investigations I discovered that we don't use null values. We just remove the DataRow from the DataTable if we have no detail data. So this behaviour is not FlexCel related. Sorry for bothering you.