Formatting lost when opening/saving XLSM file


I am testing FlexCel as a replacement for some simple but annoying use of Excel OLE Automation.  I've downloaded FlexCel trial version 5.6.5 but have a problem with it that I haven't been able to find anything about on Google or on this forum.

The problem is that I have a .XLSM file that is populated with some data, macros and formatting in 4 sheets.  I need to open this file, add some data to it and save it to another path.  This all works fine and is really simple to do with FlexCel, but upon saving the file, some formatting is lost, regardless of wheather I actually insert data into the file or not.

The file has a bunch of Shapes that are used as buttons to trigger macros.  The shapes/buttons have a Gradient fill applied to them and it is at least this fill that seems to be lost when the file is saved.  Same goes for some cells on one sheet in the file, they have some exotic visual formatting that changes considerably upon opening/saving the file with FlexCel.

Is this a known problem ?  Is there anything I can do about this ?  Pictures of one of the sheets in the test file can be seen with the hyperlinks below.

Thanks !

Hordur Thordarson
Efla engineers (


Currently there can be some differences with complex formatting in xlsm files. I am not sure about gradients in a shape, I'll have to check this up, but it might be.

The other things that aren't yet preserved in xlsx/m are conditional formats and tables, we are working in adding support for both.

If you can send me a file to that shows the issues (maybe copy one button and one cell that loses formatting) I can give you a better idea on what is exactly happening, and if we can add support for it.