Can't find unit WebLib.SmartGrid

If I Install Smart HTML Element package (latest Tms WebCore release installed) and drag on form a TwebSmartGrid I cannot compile with the message: "Can' find unit WebLib.SmartGrid";
But the unit is on the search path and I have read Document for install.
Other SmartUI components works...

Is it on the TMS WEB Core search path? See: Tools, Options, TMS WEB, Library path

In search path (Tools, Options, TMS WEB, Library path) there is the path of \Core Sources;
Even if I add Component Library Source folder don't works;
But other Smart UI components works (Button, etc...); only TwebSmartGrid have that error.

You do NOT need to add "Component Library Source", you need to add the folder where WebLib.SmartGrid.pas runtime unit is.

In my installation, WebLib.SmartGrid.pas is in \Component library Source folder (and not in \Core Sources)

WebLib.SmartGrid.pas is NOT present in \Core Sources

We will investigate why it is missing from the latest distribution.

Can I have the missing unit, waiting for the update?


We had to convert the file again as it was somehow missing. Some modifications were made to the Component Library Source file too. The latest version was just uploaded, you can download it and reinstall the whole package again.

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OK, Thanks!