Can't edit more than one grid in same form

I'm using Delphi 10.2 Tokio, Intraweb IW 15.0.18 and last version of TMS components. In my application I have several forms with same structure: all of them have 4 regions and inside regions, several tables (TTIWADVWebGrid), in which the user can fill data only in the 3rd column.
I have several problems with the Grids:
a) I can only put data in the first Grid. While I'm working on the that grid, I can change between cells and put data in them, without problems. But.
b) When I click on any of the other grids, the cells they don't switch to Edit mode, regardless the cell or the grid I click; and
c) when I come back to the first grid, the focus on the active row is lost: for instance, if I move to a cell in the 5th row and I put data, this data appears in the last cell I modified in step a); If I change to other cells, the data I write appears in other different cell; and if I finally move back to the previous form, sometimes I receive the error "Argument out of range" followed by "The following exception occurs: (table name): Argument out of range".
I've tested the sample application provided with TMS components, "Grid Direct Edit", and works fine with one grid. But If I add a second grid (copy+paste of first grid), I can't write any value in the second grid (One of the problems I have in my project).
This is a serious problem for me, because is a requirement of my project to work with up to 10 grids in the same form.
My project don't uses currently any DB, and I can send it to you.
Could you please help me with this problem?

Best regards,

            Venancio Lasquibar


Can you please make sure to specify a unique value in the ID property for every TIWAdvWebGrid component on the form?

All grids had same Id value (0). I've changed all of them to different values and it worked!

Thank you.
Best regards,

            Venancio Lasquibar