i want with an TTIWAdvWebGrid following to do :

present the User multiple Data in Rows where he can select  some Options by clicking a checkbox.
If he is finish and press a Button i will work with his input and send to Server.

In the Grid AsyncActiveRowMove, AsyncEdit, AlwaysEdit and AutoEdit is set to true.
I used for the columns ColumnType ctDynCheckBox, DynEditor deText and Editor edCheckbox.

If can setup the Grid with initial values and the Defaultvalues will be shown.

If the User click on the Checkbox they change the state, but not den Value in DynEdits{col,row].

What is my mistake?


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I've the same problem.
When I check manually a checkbox, no DynEdits{col,row] values are affected.
If I  check by program like   DbGrid_ITEM.DynEdits[0, Idx] := '1';   it's Ok.

Information : The option sorted is checked. I've multiple DbGrid in my region.
In an another frame with the same AdvWebDbgrid, it's work !


Look that the Grids have different ID

Great ! It's Ok with differents ID !