Cannot add .jar files to Delphi 11.3 project

I believe this is an issue with Delphi and not with TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

Following instructions here to add the Android support .jar files: TMS Software | Android support for FMX applications

Delphi simply does not add the file. I've restarted Delphi. I've reported this to the Embarcadero quality system.

Is there another way to manually add a .jar file to a Delphi 11.3 project?

Sorry, it's unclear how this can be done in an alternative way. I suppose you could edit the dproj file, or open the project in 11.2 or an older version to edit the jar files.

Editing the .dproj file manually intimidates me.

I still have a machine running 11.1. Editing with an older version is good idea.

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