11.3 FMX Issues


Is anyone else having problems with 11.3. Some of my FMX forms won't open. Delphi just crashed. If I remove the TMS FMX & FNC components by editing the fmx file they open ok.

Any ideas?



We haven't yet allocated time to install and test our components in 11.3. Please provide more details, which exact components are you using? Is this a designtime issue or runtime issue or both?

I don't get that far. Delphi won't open the form. It just crashes. VCL apps seem fine. Just a problem with FMX.

In one form that won't open it just uses a couple of TTMSFMXSpeedButton's and TTMSFMXEdit's plus a TTMSFNCLabelEdit.

They are inside TLayout's and TRectangles. I can provide the form if that helps?

You can provide the test project if you wish, that would be helpful. I suppose the FMX specific components are broken because they are using styles? Not the FNC components? Note that we have added TMS FMX UI Pack as a legacy product. Rest assured we are going to take a look at the issue, but it's recommended to move to TMS FNC UI Pack for future proof developments.

I don't use styles.

The components are using styles internally, which are based on a version of RAD Studio. If they tweaked the styles, the style resources used internally will no longer be compatible. We'll have to check. FNC doesn't use style resources internally and I expect to not have issues

The problem seems to be the TTMSFMXEdit. Creating a new project and placing one on a form crashes Delphi 11.3

Please use TTMSFNCEdit instead.

Could you please at least fix the problem so that Delphi does not crash on loading the form. It will then make it more easy to make changes.

We are currently building an update that should fix the issue. It will be available later today as version

Many thanks

No sign of in the subscription manager yet!

We have some troubles with our build system. Hopefully, we'll be able to build a release today

Furthur to this. When compiling an Android version of an FMX app merging dex files fails when any of your jar files are in the library. Removing them compiles and runs ok.

Could I please have a response to this. Should we be using your jars in 11.3 or not?

Which JAR files are you referring to? Yes, nothing has changed related to JAR files, except for the CustomTabs.jar, that's no longer required.

If I add JavaScriptHelper.jar, android-support-v13.jar, FNC.jar, FNCWebChromeClient.jar and FNCPrintDocumentAdapter.jar.from the FNC UI Pack Android Support folder. I get several errors like:

[PAClient Error] Error: E7688 Unable to execute '"C:\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-\bin\java.exe" -cp "c:\program files (x86)\embarcadero\studio\22.0\bin\Android\r8-3.3.28.jar" com.android.tools.r8.D8 --release --min-api 23 --output "C:\Source Programs BDS\EKM-Mobile\Android64\Debug\EKMMobile.classes" @"C:\Source Programs BDS\EKM-Mobile\Android64\Debug\dex_list.txt"' (Error 1)

You only need to add JAR files for project where you are using the browser, and only the ones that are required:


You do not need to add the other ones.

For printing you should only add FNCPrintDocumentAdapter.jar

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Ok, thanks. It linked ok with 11.2 though!

FNC.jar is the combination of all the other JAR files. the android support jar file is an older jar file that is needed for older versions of RAD Studio. It's no longer required.