Can I use TXDataClient component in Web Core Application? If yes, how or any sample would be helpful.

Hi Team,

Can I use TXDataClient component in Web Core Application to call web service methods like follow.


  • client1: TXDataClient;*
  • client1 := TXDataClient.Create;*
  • client1.Uri := 'http://localhost:2001/tms/api/v1/auth/login';*
  • JWT_Token_Rec := client1.Service<iloginService>.Login(edtUserName.Text, edtpassword.Text);*
  • client1.Free;*
  • WebMemo1.Lines.Text := JWT_Token_Rec;*

If I do like this, I get following error.
[Error] loginService.pas(6): can't find unit "XData.Service.Common"

If I add the path, in TMS WEB option then it shows other errors.

I'm sure you've seen this:

Are you accessing Service properly?

What that doc shows is you want is something like Service<IMyService>

Otherwise, you're assuming that Login is a class method of Service that applies to ALL services.

FYI: your code would make more sense if you highlighted it and then clicked the </> thing in the edit menu area.

yes. I used the services correctly. Tms html editor was not show <> tags.
I am using as follow.

JWT_Token_Rec := client1.Service<iloginService>.Login(edtUserName.Text, edtpassword.Text);

XDatclient works fine with desktop app. but when I use in webcore it shows compile error.
can't find unit "XData.Service.Common"

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TXDataClient is only supported in "regular" Delphi platforms (Windows, Linux and mobile).
To use it from TMS Web Core, there are specific classes (TXDataWebClient), componentes and paradigm:


For WebCore you need to use the TXDataWeb.. components

Thank you

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That has tripped me up before ... missing the 'Web' part in the calls. I guess it's why I look for code that's working and then do a copy-and-paste (much as I despise that approach).

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