Calling a web application in a TWebBrowser panel in Delphi VCL

I created a simple small web application with TMS Web Core, which I obviously can run in a browser. Then I created a Delphi VCL application, containing a WebBrowser control, in which I navigated to the URL of the web application. Now I get popup screen showing errors and after two error messages, the screen remains blank. (1.3 MB) (90.2 KB)

Clearly the control tries to interpret the script and chokes in it. Is there any way to solve this? Do I have to make changes in the html of the Announce web application to make the WebBrowser control act in the same way as a regular browser?

Thank you for enlightening me in this.

I tested this here and this worked fine right-away:

If you deployed all needed files (from the TMS WEB Core Release output folder) on your server, this should work always.

Fwiw, if you would use our TAdvWebBrowser (or TTMSFNCWebBrowser), you could always call AdvWebBrowser.ShowDebugConsole to inspect the details behind these errors.