CachedUpdate in Linux

I would like to report this case to you, I have an application where I use cachedupdate to modify a list of records. Compiling and running for the Windows platform I have no problem, compiling for Linux (Centos 7 and Centos 8) after calling the flush and applyupdate, insertions of new records on a different table are not performed. Checking the Postgres log (Log ALL) I can't find any inserts. What can I check? Running the code a second time the insert works!

We are not aware of any issues with cached updated on Linux. All our tests run fine in either platform. Can you please provide project and steps to reproduce the issue?

The code is part of a big project that if taken individually does not cause problems, we can connect a remote assistance via teamviewer or anydesk or other ... to illustrate the problem.
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If it does work in a small project, but not in a big project, it's a strong indication there is something specific in your big project, not in Aurelius. And that you can try to reduce your big project into a smaller one until you identify what's going on.

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I understand,
I will try to reproduce the problem in a smaller project,
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