OPF Internal error: Column "ID" not found in table ...

After updating Aurelius from 5.8 to 5.9 the OPF Internal error occurs sometimes.

It works fine with 39 Entities. Registering a 40th Entitiy in the MappingExplorer raises the OPF Internal error: Column "ID" not found in table...
Table raising the error does not belong to the new registered entity.

All Entities are using Automapping. Global Config is not changed for automapping at all, so every Entity sets the Attribute Automapping itself.

Reverting the Changes of your latest update, our entities works as expected.

We updated:
Aurelius 5.8 => 5.9
Bcl 1.31 => 1.32
Echo => 1.10.1
RemoteDb => 2.13.2
Sparkle => 3.20
XData 5.5 => 5.6

If you need adittional informations please let me know.

Please provide the steps to reproduce the issue, if possible a project that we can run and debug on our side. Thank you very much.

I'll try to create a small project, hopefully the error occurs in a smaller project.

We are using different databases (all managed by the same postgres-server).
We provide an own MappingExplorer for each database, so that we are able to use different dbms for each mapping.

Within initialization we build our own Mapping-Setup, because some tables can occur in different Mappings.
We register the Entities to the necessary Setups.

If the MappingExplorer is needed, it will be created for the database with the previous defined MappingSetup. The created MappingExplorer is also saved for the application runtime.

Stepping into the Error, I recognized that the used MappingExplorer got the Clazz that raises the error but It is not known within Aurelius.Schema.Utils.

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Looks like your setup is complex, thus we really need a project reproducing the issue.

I build a small project that uses the same techniques as our big one.
But I can't reproduce the issue with it...

Finally I found it.
As usual for this error, there was one Entity not registered within the mapping.

But it scares, that it works with less than 40 or more than 40 entities and raises an error using exactly 40 entities.

The missing entity is used in an many-to-many relation to a registered entity that itself is used to another many-to-many relation to an "central" entity that has a lot of manyvalue associations.
The error always occurs on an entity that is referenced by the "central" entity.

Maybe this will help you reproducing why it works sometimes.

We need a project that can consistently reproduce the issue so we can debug and fix it (either your code or ours). Otherwise we can't just guess what's going on.