Build error installing Aurelius - never-build package 'dbrtl' must be recompiled

Please help - build log attached!

install_2023_03_11.log (160.0 KB)

I can only conclude that your Delphi installation is broken. It looks like there is an issue with the Linux platform.

Try to reinstall or repair your Delphi installation, especially the Linux platform. Try to create an empty package, add the dbrtl to the requires clause of such package, and try to compile it from the IDE.

Thanks Wagner,

I uninstalled RADStudio, then reinstalled it. Re-added SDKs and tried again. Same thing. Guess I won't be developing for Linux!

I'm sorry I didn't mention previously that I'm working with RAD Studio 11.3 on Windows 10. Linux is Debian 11.6. Was working okay with Debian 11.5 previously.

Regards and thanks anyway,

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