Bug in Getting/Setting ContentAsRTE

Unless there's a better way to save/load rich content, I'm using ContentAsRTE. Setting, then immediately getting again appears to introduce small changes (pls see attached).

RTE is based on streaming all internal classes in binary format. This is most likely due to unused properties in some of the classes in the total class hierarchy that makes up RTE. It should be harmless.

Hi Bruno, the issue use case is checking before and after to detect a change.

save:= ContentAsRTE;
// do stuff and save button was not hit
if ContentAsRTE <> save then showmessage('You made changes, do you want to save?");


Do you see a visual difference before & after?
As I explained, a possible expected difference should be harmless.

Pls take note of diff I attached in first post. Some property is ok with either serializing OO or FF interchangeably. The rtf contents remain untouched. May render the same rtf, but when I compare of course a diff is detected. So point is, serializing should not trigger a programmatic diff.

This may be hiding the issue, but is there a CompareRTE function that could be written to test visual equivalency?

Hi Bruno, can you suggest any solutions? Right now the ContentAsRTE can't be saved to a table column without triggering a change event.