TMSFNCRichEditorHTMLIO works incorrectly when ftoBullets is used together with ftoTextColor or ftoBackgroundColor

The TMSFNCRichEditorHTMLIO component works incorrectly when ftoBullets is used together with ftoTextColor or ftoBackgroundColor. This probably also affects the other HTMLIO.

Initial situation:
I take the "TMSFNCRichEditor Demo" and add two buttons to it.
I assign the following to the "On Click Events":

They look like this:

procedure TForm1.btnSaveClick(Sender: TObject);

procedure TForm1.btnLoadClick(Sender: TObject);

If I save the following content

the following is loaded and displayed

It would also be nice if the text was output formatted.
Currently everything is output on one line:

The problem also occurs with ftoNumbering.

Addendum 1:
I have tested with the TMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO and this component has the same error. I have not tested with the VCL version, but the error will probably be there too.

Addendum 2:
What I also noticed:

  • When ftoHyperlink is selected, the icon is not visible in the IDE - but at runtime it is already visible (as expected).
  • with ftoHyperlink this behavior is also so - does it have to be like this?
  • This behavior occurs with TMSFNCRichEditorHTMLIO, but not with TMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO

It is on our todolist to investigate this.

Very good that it was taken on the ToDo list :smiley:
Is there already a time horizon when the problem will be fixed?

Does it help if I mention that the component is also used with TMS Web and the same problems will occur there? ;-)
(at least if the RTE format is not used).

For me, the proprietary RTE format is too insecure, as it is not compatible even within the different TMS libraries (different streaming format FMX/VCL).
Therefore I would like to save the text in a universal format.
The RTF export shows the same problems, in this respect I still cannot use the component productively.