BooKmark not found

Hi guys, i have one question.
In my project, i have one TIWDBAdvWebGrid and TIWDBAdvDetailGrid in masterdetail with aurelius dataset's.
But in order to open the master dataset i have the specific raise exception: "bookmark not found" and i dont know how to fix them.
For example:

Entity Movement. (Master)
DataSetField: MovementList;

Entity MovementItems. (Detail)

In my AdvWebGrid i has set a property detailRowShow: dsOneOpen and all detailGrid, detailsource e datasource sets rights.
Has Anyone had the same problem before?

Sorry, my english is not the best. :)


I'm not sure what is causing this error in your case.
Can you have a look at the "MD Grid" page of the IW FeaturesDemo (included with the TMS IntraWeb Component pack download) to see what you are doing differently?

I'm doing just like the example. This is my problem. If I do not open the detail dataset, it does not give the error, but it also does not display the detail.

I'm not sure what you are doing wrong as the MD Grid demo is working as expected here.

Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- The version of Delphi you are using
- The version of IntraWeb you are using
- A ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue

Sample projects can be emailed as attachment to