Blank line above detail grid and center detail


      How can I strip off the blank line that appears above all my detail grids? I tried find some property that could have to do with it but to no avail.

      Another doubt: how to center the detail grid title? My master grid column title are centered but I can't do the same with the detail grid titles.

When I said about a blank line 'above my detail grids' I mean above the detail grids titles. The blank line has exactly the whole detail grid width.


- It is possible that there is a blank line on top of the detail grid if no Controller.Caption text is provided and if there is no paging displayed in the controller.
You can hide the controller by setting Controller.Position to cpNone.

- You can center the title of a detail grid by setting the Controller.Alignment to taCenter.


About the blank line your tip was correct, and it worked perfect!

In the second problem the 'Controller.Alignment' property set to 'taCenter' didn't fix the issue, but I found the property 'ColumnHeaderAlignment' of each column and there I could set the title alignment to 'taCenter' as you pointed out.

 Thank you!