BIZ package installation

Good morning to all,

the installation procedure off all BIZ product (XData, Remote DB for example) is not so "friendly".

This because during installation you can choose the ide but, this is my case, if are present tow or more delphi versions ..... the installation choices are settet for all ides.

For example, real case, i have delphi seattle and rio and i need to install biz product for all platform but "android" only for rio.

If i uncheck Android from the selection list .... it is not installed in both ides ....

I miss somthing ??

Tank's for attention



The Package Rebuild Tool (the user interface that rebuilds the packages and actually installs the product in Delphi IDE) is accessible from the Window Start Menu. You can run it multiple times. You can run it one time, select Delphi Seattle, choose the platforms you want to install, and then run it again choosing Rio and then selecting the platforms you want to install for Rio.

Hi Wagner,

thank's for information.

I installed only via tms subscription manager ...

I'll follow this way.



You can continue installing via Subscription Manager. The Package Rebuild Tool is available after you install via Subscription Manager.