SPHINX WEBCLIENT DEMO Changes to the source code are not applied

I have load the Sphinx Simple Demo and compile Server and WebClient. Start the demo. It works.
Okay. Now I have done some changes to the Buttons caption and Memo Text. (change from english to german).
Compile again. Start Server. Changes are displayed.
Start the WebClient, WebClient Form is displayed, but no changes of Captions and Memotext done. Only the original English text is displayed to me.
Why are changes to the form not applied in the WebClient after translation and displayed when executed?

Can you please provide more detailed information?

What exactly have you changed, how?

You recompiled and restarted the server, and changes are displayed where, exactly?

I've attached screenshots.
The server app shows the changes in the source code after the start.
If I start the client from the server, it still shows the original English captions, although I have changed some captions in the source code. See the red markings in the images.

If you change the button captions in the form directly as you are doing, using object inspector and form designer, rebuild the web application from Delphi (supposing you have TMS Web Core installed), then you should see the changes (as I understand you did).

if you click the "Start WEB client" button, you won't see the changes because that button is serving the files from another folder:

procedure TForm7.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  // Set folder location for web client HTML files and start serving those pages
  SparkleStaticServer1.RootDir := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDirectoryName(ParamStr(0)), '..\..\..\WebClientFiles');
  ShellExecute(0, PChar('open'), 'http://localhost:2001/tms/WebClient/', nil, nil, SW_NORMAL);

You can see its serving HTML/JS files from WebClientFiles folder. Those files are not updated upon the rebuild of WebClient.dproj project. You can simply copy the files to there or change the folder that is being served and you will see the changes.

this is my WebClientFiles Folder: C:\Delphi 11\TMS\BIZ\Sphinx\Demos\Simple\WebClientFiles
It's the standard Folder from the demo.
I copy the new files to there.
If I open inside the folder the WebClient Javascript File with an Simple Text Editor I found the german captions.
If I start the server and open the client, I still see the original English texts.

Isn't it a cache issue? It works fine here.

Yes, the cache .... I have clear the cache and all works fine....

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At the Moment I use the WEB CORE Trail Version to check if it the right tool for us.
The created WEB applications can only be started from the IDE with the trail version. Is that correct?
I can copy the HTML and JavaScript files to a server and start them. But I only see a blank WEB screen. From the IDE, everything is displayed correctly.

What do you see in the browser console? Any errors there?

Hello Bruno,
there is nothing to see.
I have made some screenshots.

  1. Start from IDE
  2. The compiled Files.
  3. Start from the directory. (TMSWeb\debug)

Hello Bruno,
Forget what I wrote. Mea culpa. It's a WEB application. Of course, you don't start it from the directory.... Sorry, these are my first steps with WEBCore