Best way to change TAdvToolbar Images

I want to give the user the ability to change the image size of icons in my TAdvToolbars.  It seems that I should be able to simply set the Images property in the TAdvToolbar to a different ImageList and all the buttons would change but it seems that each AdvGlowButton wants its own reference to an ImageList rather than using its parent ImageList.

Perhaps I've setup the properties wrong somewhere, but if I have to change each individual toolbar button's icon (about 50 of them), is there a better way other than to specify each individual TAdvGlowButton Image property, setting it to the ImageList I want for it, such as a For loop or something?

Thanks... I'm a newbie with the TMS controls, but I could not find any info on this other than what I thought should have worked, i.e. setting just the Images property in the TAdvToobar, which doesn't seem to work for me... perhaps my using the TAdvGlowButton is the problem?  

Using XE6, TAdvToolbar, TAdvGlowButton from the current TMS Component Pack.


Each button uses its own imagelist, so if you want to change this for all buttons, you could loop through all buttons and change the imagelist or you could copy images from the new imagelist to the connected imagelist.

Thanks, copying images over might be easiest.  Perhaps consider a future enhancement to add a "UseParentImages" option for buttons.

That is a good suggestion. We'll consider this.