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How can i determine the values to enter for DropBoxAppkey, DropBoxAppSecret, etc....

I have an account, i know my email and password.

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This is explained at


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If i only want to connect a drive to an existing account, is it necessary to create an application for this ?

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Yes, for all REST API based access to a DropBox account, it is necessary to obtain an application key & secret.

Ok bruno.
But if i install the Dropbox client (very heavy) , it can acces to the drive without creating anything.

Is it the same for all the others clouds ? is it possible to connect a drive without creating anything ?

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All REST APIs rely on OAUTH and with OAUTH there is always an application key & secret involved. This is part of the OAUTH spec and our components implement this OAUTH spec. Again, this is a one-time step to get, as application developer who wants to use the DropBox service, this unique app & secret. After you got this app key & secret, you can build & deploy your app and your app can be used to access the DropBox account from users authenticating & authorizing in your app.