Barcodegenerator (QRCode) don't work (TMSWEB)

hi if i place the TTMSFNCWXQRCode in a WEBForm, it don't run anymore

(lastes Version)

if i start your demo:

Uncaught TypeError: this.executeScript69B92C243599EEE117198ABE2CAF0D96 is not a function | TypeError: this.executeScript69B92C243599EEE117198ABE2CAF0D96 is not a function at eval (eval at functionFromString (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.WEB.js:242:28), :3:32) at mainfunc (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.WEB.js:251:24) at Object.ExecuteJavascript (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.WEB.js:255:19) at Object.ExecuteJavaScript (http://localhost:8000/Demo/Demo.js:635:38) at Object.ExecuteJavaScript (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.js:1307:28) at Object.CreateQRCode (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWXQRCode.js:692:14) at Object.Changed (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWXQRCode.js:550:12) at Object.DoControlInitialized (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCWXQRCode.js:496:12) at Object.ParseEvent (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.js:167:18) at Object.HandleDoEventData (http://localhost:8000/Demo/WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.js:445:12)
at http://localhost:8000/Demo/Index.html [3:32]

I retested the demo here, but I could not see an issue.
Is this latest version of both TMS FNC WX Pack & TMS WEB Core? (

i have updates all TMS Components.

i have compiles as debug your Barcodedemo
(TMS FNC WX Pack\Demos\WEB\Barcode)
in this links as zip to show my problem:

I copied YOUR files to our server
TMS Web Project and I do not see any error

thank your for sunday support, i have errors, see the same code on my webserver:

ihave tested with diferent Browsers and in inconitomode. it apears javascripterrors

Works without any error here


sorry i have tested on 4 different computers now it apreas the same error; please test it in inkognito mode:

4 different browsers, nowhere a problem

i can't belief :melting_face:

it don't work here scrennshots from my iPhone:


and Chrome unter iOS:

I'm sorry, but also on iphone your app works as expected here:

is hear any thing blocket from german ip ?

I am not in Germany.

Check the network tab in your browser console


We found a way to reproduce the issue and with that we also applied a fix. The next update will contain the necessary changes.

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when is the Update (or Beta) awalibil ?

Later this week

with the update works perfect:

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