AV on Changing a Color from StatusBarStyler


I think you miss the Release for the Styler in the "TAdvOfficeStatusBar.Destroy" ...
I've Version but there is no remark for this issue in the Update-Text.
if (Styler <> nil) then try Styler := nil; except end;
in line 2088 in the AdvOfficeStatusBar.pas
work fine for me.
You already build in a full release funktion in the "SetOfficeStatusBarStyler",
but in the Destroy-method there you miss it.

To generate an AcessViolation with the old code I create and show a window
with a StatusBar as a MDI-Child. In the (upper) "uses" is my main-form,
so I can use the Styler from the main-form. Than I change the user for my
application, which forces the MDI-Child to be closed. When my application try
to use the user-defined-config for the Styler I get an AcessViolation.
The Styler tries to change some options for the already destroyed StatusBar.

Maybe It's already corrected and you miss the remark in the
Update-Text, but if you do so, ignore this Topic, or maybe add this issue
simply for the next Update-Text, so I can find this! :-)

Greetings from Germany
 Gabriele Hillebrandt

Thanks for reporting. You're correct that under these conditions, it can go wrong and we applied this improvement for this particular case. Next update will have this improvement.