I want to take advantage of this feature in the eventual localization of the program.
MainForm.dfm (11.0 KB)
MainForm.pas (5.4 KB)

We applied improvements that will be included in the next release

Then I'll test it with other components as well.
I assume that this will automatically carry over to the DB components as well. Since they are descendants of non DB.


TAdvOfficeCheckBox. Something is wrong
Opening a form
Required status
On the run always
I haven't tested anything yet. I'll let you know.

UPokusActionBar.dfm (8.8 KB)
UPokusActionBar.pas (1.0 KB)

This looks like another form, it doesn't use TAdvOfficeCheckBox or TAdvOfficeRadioButton, ...?

What did I put in there? Excuse me.
MainForm.dfm (19.4 KB)
MainForm.pas (4.5 KB)

We are working on further improvements