Autocomplete control?

I am using Tokyo 10.2.3
TMS IW Component Pack
IW 14.2.7

I was asked to do an edit/combo box with auto complete.

Something similar maybe to this @

Is there a current control that replicates something like this?

JQuery has something similar @

But either way, both methods are a bit beyond me at the time to figure out how to wrap it up and make it play nice nice with IW.


You can try using the TIWAutoFormFill or TIWMultiColumnCombboBox which offer similar functionality.

TIWAutoFormFill  I will have to figure out how to even use...

TIWMultiColumnCombboBox sorta works....  But can't seem to figure out how to get it if possible
to check against the whole string.  

LookupAfterChars = 1 
LookupMethod lmFilter
LookupTypeAhead ( if i set this to true, the IW session fails with invalid property )

Exception message : Error reading TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.LookupTypeAhead: Invalid property value
Exception class : EReadError
Exception address : 00532018
Exception Time : 2019-02-13 09:09:00.943

I fill the control with

  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Pontiac Grand Prix');
  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Chevy Impala');
  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Buick Regal');
  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Oldsmobile Cutlass');
  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Chevy Lumina');
  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Oldsmobile Alero');
  TIWMultiColumnComboBox1.AddRow('Buick Century');

If I type C as my first char I get "Chevy Impala" and "Chevy Lumina"
But user maybe just typing C for "Buick Century" or "Oldsmobile Cutlass"

So would need it possibly bring up results based on if the input is anywhere in
the row data string.

So if I only typed a O , I would see

Pontiac Grand Prix
OIdsmobile Cutlass
Oldsmobile Alero

As all three of these have an O in them 

now if i typed 


Then it would fitler down to just

Pontiac Grand Prix

Found example of how this looks @
Under the "Combobox Dropdown" example at the bottom.

Unfortunately both controls only support comparison with the start of the string at this time.

Samples can be found in the IWFeaturesDemo application included with the product download.


Then it won't help me currently as I need the filter to work anywhere in the string.

I posted on IW support page about how to maybe get the
JS files to work with IW controls.  I tried, and almost/kinda get there... but my Intraweb and HTML/Javascript skills are weak .... 

Thanks for the quick replies!